How does it work?

Some of the visitors will follow short links using mobile devices. We can direct him to a device-specific destination. Other will get a default destination.

Why device-targeting is important?

You can show to visitors the different web-pages using a single short link for all cases and not on a separate short link for each device. You may not produce different printed ads separate for iPhone and Android users.

The will track information about the device used to visit target URL.

Let me show the example of usage:

One have a multi-platform application for desktop and mobile devices. And it uses the one short link at the printed ads, at the billboards, in a TV, in a radio. If the user has followed the short link using a web browser in the Google Android device - it gets directly to the application page at the Google Play Market. If through an iPhone - to the application page at the Apple AppStore. All other will get a default page on you web-site.

Custom alias for device-targeting

With additional help of Custom alias you can create a short link indicating your product, model and brand.

Can you change destinations?

Yes, use 'manage' URL modifier to change any short URL options, including device targeting.

Need more devices for targeting?

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