QR or Quick Response Codes are a type of two-dimensional barcode that provide some information and can be read using smartphones and dedicated QR reading devices. Particularly, the information in the QR could be a URL of a webpage. You may have even got to this page using this QR-code

Why should you use QR?

QR allows sharing the URL through any offline media. You can place it in magazine advert, TV, at product packaging, shop displays, printed and billboard advertisements, in an email, a web page or even on someone’s t-shirt.

According to statistics, about 50% of smartphones have software to recognize the QR. This software is free. Smartphone owners long understood how convenient to get an address or other information via QR instead of typing manually.

Why should you use QR generated by copi.st?

To encrypt shorter URL requires lower resolution (dots per inch, DPI): those QR codes could be successfully scanned even from crumpled newspaper page.

The copi.st will track information about the number of times users take action to visit URL being encoded into QR, and information about the devices that scanned it.

Our QR codes are dynamic, meaning you can change the target page URL anytime after the QR Code has been printed or distributed.

Let's meet together the sunrise at the seaside and compare two QR Code images

QR code for original long URL
You should use it only for hard surfaces and hope that users have devices with a good camera.
QR code for original long URL

This image consists of myriad of little elements. If you print the code on the flyer and lightly mash it, then reading the code can be difficult.

Perfect for flyers or newspapers, or magazines, or journals. For anything.
QR code for short long URL
QR code for short URL
This QR code is easy to read, even if you break the image and then glue it again.

As you can see, better to shorten URL before generate QR code image.

How to get QR?

First, create short URL. There will be form to generate and download QR code with required image format, size and color.

Second, you can add .qr to any short URL to get QR customization form.
Example: copi.st/cMsc.qr

Third, you can add .svg or .png to any short URL to display QR Code as PNG or SVG image.
Example: copi.st/cMsc.svg and copi.st/cMsc.png

What more you should know

If you are new to using QR codes, here are some tips to get started

We took this tips from great article   7 Reasons to Add QR Codes to Content Marketing.

What more can you do?

QR may be artistic: colorful, with custom background image, with non-square dots. It can be in easy-to-scale vector format. If you need it, we will add those features to copi.st. Please write you ideas in comments below.

QR is not the only method of transmitting information in a graphical form to the smartphones and the special readers. There are another technologies:

What do you think, should we make some of these generators listed?

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