Short URL allows you to get another page, and this is the usual and ordinary purpose. For example, this link will get you somewhere very high, and this let you swim with the dolphins.

One additional character * at the end of the short link address let you see all the information about these links. Check it:* is a redirect to Flickr and* - to Youtube.

Here the table of short links modifiers:

* is "all-in-one" page. It let you see the detailed information about short URL, quick statistics, share with friends and generate QR-code.
.qr shows form to configure QR code images
.png displays QR Code image with default size and color in PNG format
.svg displays QR Code image with default size and color in SVG format. This is Scalable Vector Format.
$ shows redirect statistics. I sure, higher stats mean high income$.$
+ is when short URL is more complex than usual. It helps to do redirect tests and diagnostics.
~ is a shadow copy of target long URL. Read more about copies.

Why should you use short URL modifiers?

I think short URL modifiers are very convenient and useful. The several extra symbols gives you a lot. Is it?

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